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39 Regular Verbs & Contoh Kalimatnya

Semua bahasa di dunia memiliki peraturan-peraturannya sendiri, selayaknya Bahasa Inggris. Peraturan ini dikenal dengan nama grammar. Untuk fasih berbahasa inggris kamu harus mengetahui aturan grammar ini dan semuanya berawal dari unit terkecil yaitu kata.

Kali ini kita akan membahas jenis kata yaitu regular verbs. Regular verbs adalah kata-kata yang menjelaskan tentang aksi atau pekerjaan dimana saat dipakai dalam bentuk waktu yang lain, bentuk kata tidak berubah dan hanya ditambahkan –ed. Maksud dari bentuk waktu adalah past tense, future tense,dll.

Aturan Menggunakan Regular Verbs

Adapun aturan yang harus kamu ikuti jika ingin menggunakan regular verb

  • Untuk kalimat dalam jangka waktu ‘sekarang’ gunakan verb 1, yaitu kata asli tanpa imbuhan –ed. Kalimat ini memiliki ciri penanda waktu
  • Untuk kalimat yang dalam jangka waktu ‘masa lalu’ gunakan verb 2 atau 3, yaitu kata asli yang sudah diimbuhi –ed. Kalimat ini memiliki penanda waktu last year/month, yesterday, an hour/minute/second ago, dll

Jangan takut untuk belajar tentang regular verbs. Yang perlu kamu lakukan adalah belajar dari daftar regular verbs dengan urutan verb 1, verb 2, verb 3 ini beserta contoh kalimatnya

1. Attach, attached, attached

‘ The post it not was attached to the fridge last night, now I attach it to my desk’

2. Attack, attacked, attacked

‘Maia attacked the burglar that cam through the window last week’

3. Back, backed, backed

‘That argument is backed up with facts’

4. Bake, baked, baked

‘My mother baked me banana muffins two weeks ago’

5. Balance, balanced, balanced

‘Nina managed to stay balanced while learning to ride a bike for the first time’

6. Ban, banned, banned

‘The club banned her forever because of her action last night’

7. Bang, banged, banged

‘The police banged on my neighbour’s door at 1 am yesterday’

8. Boil, boiled, boiled

‘She boils two egg today but the rest of it she boiled yesterday’

9. Bomb,bombed, bombed

‘America bombed Syria last month’

10. Book, booked, booked

‘Before the holiday, she already booked the ticket for her flight’

11. Borrow, borrowed, borrowed

‘I want to borrow a novel from Nina but i already borrowed a comic from her yesterday’

12. Bounce, bounced, bounced

‘My sister bounced on that trampoline field’

13. Calculate, calculated, calculated

‘This morning, she calculated how much she have to spend for the next two days.’

14. Call, called,called

‘It’s been two months since i last called my ex girlfriend’

15. Camp, camped, camped

‘ I want to camp at Yellowstone this week because i already camped there last year’

16. Care, cared, cared

‘She cared about her boyfriend so much that she skipped work to meet him’

17. Carry, carried, carried

‘I only carry one apple because my sister already carried three of it’

18. Carve, carved, carved

‘My dad likes to carve cartoon character onto a block of wood.’

19. Cause, caused, caused

‘ Yono caused the candle to light just now’

20. Challenge, challenged, challenged

‘She challenged me to go to a concert alone’

21. Change, changed, changed

‘ I am not afraid to change because i have changed myself before’

22. Charge, charged, charged

‘ I charged my phone there but now it is missing’

23. Chase, chased, chased

‘The police chased a criminal down the road this morning’

24. Cheat, cheated, cheated

‘ He have cheated on me twice this month’

25. Check, checked, checked

‘ Before leaving, she checked if she left anything behind’

26. Concern, concerned, concerned

‘ My mom is really concerned about my health because i couldn’t get out of bed for two weeks straight’

27. Confess, confessed, confessed

‘ I already confessed about my feelings to my crush. Now, i’m waiting for him to confess.’

28. Confuse, confused, confused

‘ Reading the instruction manuals makes her confused’

29. Connect, connected, connected

‘I connected to the WiFi an hour ago but now i can’t connect to it at all’

30. Consider, considered, considered

‘ I might consider taking that job offer at Europe’

31. Kick, kicked, kicked

‘ That mean boys kicked the puppy’

32. Cheer, cheered, cheered

‘I can’t seem to cheer myself up’

33. Chew, chewed, chewed

‘ She chews the gum for a long time’

34. Kill, killed, killed

‘ The deer was killed instantly once that hunter shot it with his rifle’

35. Kiss, kissed, kissed

‘ I kissed him last night. I want to kiss him again’

36. Kneel, kneeled, kneeled

‘ She kneeled in front of me for no reason today’

37. Knit, knitted, knitted

‘ My grandma knitted a christmas sweater for me last year’

38. Knock, knocked, knocked

‘ She knocked on his door but no one answered’

39. Label, labelled, labelled

‘ I already labelled that box an hour ago’

Ternyata belajar regular verb tidak begitu sulit, kan? Oleh karena itu mengapa tidak mencoba menggunakannya saat kamu berbahasa Inggris. Selamat belajar dan mencoba!