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Latihan Tes TOEFL Lewat Video Games (PART 2)

Masih berbicara tentang cara belajar tes TOEFL lewat video game, kita masih akan mengupas artikel review Uncharted 4. Di artikel sebelumnya kita sampai pada paragraf 7, mari kita lanjutkan pada artikel kali ini.

Paragraf 8

That’s not to say Uncharted 4 is without any memorable gunfights. I enjoyed the vast majority of them, because when they do show up, they are some of the best the series has had to offer. They take place in spectacular fashion — along rooftops, off cliffs and speeding through flatlands. Shooting feels really good, as if it’s been even further refined. It’s the most satisfying it’s ever been in an Uncharted game.

Kata “refined” menjadi fokus utama dalam artikel kali ini. Artinya adalah kata sifat atau kata kerja dalam kalimat lampau/ pasif yang bermakna perbaikan atau perubahan ke arah lebih baik.

Paragraf 9

Enemy AI is also really sharp in A Thief’s End. Thankfully, Drake has a number of new abilities that open up the door for stealthier approaches.

Kali ini kata “stealthy” yang menjadi fokus utama, yaitu kata sifat yang artinya cara menyelesaikan sesuatu secara diam-diam dan tidak diketahui orang lain.

Paragraf 10

Nathan can now tag enemies from afar and can see their awareness levels through visual cues above their heads. It’s possible to make your way through some areas without shooting anyone, though you’ll likely have that plan foiled more often than not.

Sementara di paragraf 10, kata yang menjadi bahan pembelajaran adalah “cue” dalam bentuk jamak. Kata benda ini berarti sebuah tanda, sinyal, atau sesuatu yang mengirimkan pesan tanpa kata-kata atau tidak dituturkan secara langsung.

Paragraf 11

I played through the campaign on normal difficulty but was significantly challenged throughout. I got the exact amount of frustration I could handle, if that makes any sense.

Kata benda “campaign” diartikan sebagai rangkaian aksi yang terencana untuk mencapai tujuan tertentu. Biasanya hal ini juga dikaitkan dengan tindakan dalam politik atau perang.

Paragraf 12

There’s also the introduction of a grappling hook, which by the third or fourth time I used it, I began to wonder, how on earth did previous games never have one of these?

Dalam sebuah ulasan, biasanya terdapat istilah atau idiom yang digunakan. Di paragraf 12 ini terdapat kata “grappling hook”, sebuah kata benda yang berarti kait metal di ujung sebuah tali. Fungsinya untuk menjaga seorang pendaki di permukaan agar bisa naik ke tempat yang lebih tinggi.

Paragraf 13

Uncharted 4 is an evolution of the series and, in many ways, its developer Naughty Dog. The game takes a lot of the superb environmental cues and nuances from its previous game The Last of Us and meshes it with Uncharted’s iconic gameplay. The result is a more mature Uncharted game, both in its technical achievements and its cinematic feel. With maybe one or two exceptions, I’m not sure there’s another team in the business that does storytelling this well at such an impressive level of production value and polish.

Selanjutnya ada kata “nuance”, kata benda yang berarti sesuatu yang rumit dan tidak mudah dipahami atau dilihat sekali saja.

Paragraf 14

I won’t give away Uncharted 4’s specific plot points, but the gist is that Drake is on the hunt for Henry Avery’s long lost pirate treasure. How Avery acquired the treasure and the events that followed are the pillars for what makes the experience such a compelling one, and that much more addictive.

Kata “gist” adalah kata benda yang berarti paling sederhana. Bisa juga dipahami dengan penjelasan paling mendasar atas sesuatu.

Paragraf 15

Where other games litter their worlds with endless amounts of collectibles and data to rummage through, Uncharted 4 surgically inserts the perfect amount of exposition to keep some of the background story relevant, and most importantly, wanted. And while the pirate lore begins to unravel, you’re also exposed to Nathan’s personal journey, the unpacking of his relationship with his brother Sam, appreciating his marriage to Elena, and of course, cracking wise with Sully.

Kata “exposition” berarti kata benda yang mengacu pada informasi penjelas sebuah situasi, terutama dalam sebuah cerita fiksi.

Paragraf 16

Uncharted 4 feels like it has it all. But I’ve yet to even show my hand. If there’s one thing that has stayed with me well after my time searching for Avery’s gold, it’s without a doubt the game’s surreal environments.

Kata “surreal” adalah kata sifat atau adjective yang berarti sebuah kejanggalan yang menarik namun tidak realistis. Kata ini juga menunjukkan sebuah situasi yang jarang dan mengejutkan.

Paragraf 17

A Thief’s End has some of the best world design I’ve ever seen. You’re treated to a cascade of sprawling locales in nearly every kind of terrain imaginable. Both inside and out, regardless of where you go, you’ll likely stop for a few seconds just to take it all in. The word “scope” gets thrown around a lot in describing games with massive vistas. You hear it all the time, “anywhere you can see you can go.” Well that’s not true in Uncharted 4. Instead, it’s what you can see that is frankly astonishing.

Paragraf selanjutnya, ada kata “locale” yaitu kata benda yang mengacu pada lokasi geografis tertentu yang bisa dikunjungi orang lain, seperti kota, hutan, pegunungan, dan lainnyua.

Paragraf 18

And just when you’ve managed to shimmy over the cliff with the bottomless drop below, you find yourself staring up at the ceiling of a gigantic observatory, with every inch decorated with gold and silver and the most ornate fabrics of its time. It makes sense that Uncharted 4’s photo mode is so robust. You will want to take pictures.

Selanjutnya ada kata benda “observatory” yang berarti sebuah bangunan yang didesain untuk membantu para peneliti melihat dan mempelajari sebuah area, seperti luar angkasa, samudera, puncak gunung, hingga bukit.

Paragraf 19

There’s a painstaking amount of detail etched into every corner of this game, to the point where I began to worry I wasn’t seeing every last bit.

Selanjutnya adalah kata sifat “painstaking” yang berarti dilakukan dengan penuh kerja keras dan ketelitian pada detilnya.

Paragraf 20

From what I gather, I probably did miss some stuff. That’s because Uncharted 4 doesn’t feel as linear as its predecessors. The idea was pitched to me by Naughty Dog as “wide linear,” but essentially it means that there’s a few branched paths to take that ultimately bottleneck you to a common end. It makes for a feeling of helplessness at times, because not everything is spoon-fed to you. On the contrary, you’ll likely never be confused about where you can climb, however, as those spots are very obviously highlighted.

Selanjutnya ada kata “highlight” yaitu kata kerja berupaya menarik perhatian pada sesuatu, atau membuat sebuah benda mudah dilihat.

Itu tadi beberapa perbendaharaan kata yang bisa kamu pelajari dari sebuah ulasan video game. Menariknya, kamu bisa belajar membaca hingga speaking untuk tahu bagaimana cara membacanya yang tepat.