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Listening: Appointment Dialogs

Appointment With The Dentist
Receptionist: Good afternoon, FX Dental. How can I help you?
Jenny: Good afternoon. I’d like to have a dental check-up.
Receptionist: Sure. Do you want to make an arrangement?
Jenny: Yes, please.
Receptionist: Is this Thursday okay for you? At 4 pm?
Jenny: What about 5 pm?
Receptionist: Alright, then. And what’s your name?
Jenny: Jenny Wang.
Receptionist: Alright, Jenny. We’ll see you on Thursday.
Jenny: Thank you.
Receptionist: You’re welcome.
Appointment with the Teacher
Mia: Good Morning, Mrs. Rae. Are you free?
Mrs. Rae: Oh, Good Morning. I’m sorry, I have to leave for a meeting in ten minutes. What can I do for you?
Mia: Actually, I need you to help solve the math problem.
Mrs. Rae: I’d love to help. Will it be fine if we talk after school?
Mia: Too bad. I’ll have to attend Mr. Smith’s additional class. How does tomorrow sound to you?
Mrs. Rae: That will be perfect. Shall we meet after school or during lunch break?
Mia: Break time, please, if you don’t mind.
Mrs. Rae: Of course not.
Mia: Thank you very much.
Mrs. Rae: No problem.
Appointment with a friend
Sarah: Hey, Bryan, I don’t think I can make it to your birthday party tomorrow
Bryan: But why?
Sarah: I am really sorry, I have to take my sister to the airport
Bryan: Oh, okay.. Can we meet Saturday night then? You said you’d like to go for a movie sometime
Sarah: I will let you know
Bryan: Text me anytime
Appointment with doctor
Receptionist: Hello, dr. D’s office. How can I help you?
Tom: Hi. I would like to make an appointment with dr. D, Can I see him today, or should I come another day?
Receptionist: I am sorry, dr. D is so busy today, but I can arrange an appointment for another day.
Tom: Thank you.
Receptionist: Could you please provide your full name and you number? So I can remind you for the appointment.
Tom: Oh, yes. Sorry, I didn’t mention it earlier. It’s Tom Hiddleton.
Receptionist: Okay. Is it.. H, I, D, D, L, E, T, O, N?
Tom: That’s right.
Receptionist: Alright, Mr. Hiddleton. What date do you wish to meet the doctor?
Tom: As soon as possible. Tomorrow during lunch or after 5 pm will do.
Receptionist: Sure. I will arrange the appointment at 12 pm.
Tom: Okay. Thank you.
Receptionist: With pleasure.
Appointment to See the Doctor
Patricia: Hello, I’d like to make an appointment to see the doctor, please.
Receptionist: Have you been here before?
Patricia: No, I haven’t.
Receptionist: Okay. What is your name?
Patricia: It’s Patricia Sanchez.
Receptionist: Alright, Mrs. Sanchez. Can I arrange an appointment today at 1 p.m.?
Patricia: Sure. No problem.
Receptionist: Please fill this registration form to proceed this appointment.
Patricia: Sure. Should I fill in the medical insurance number column? I don’t have medical insurance.
Receptionist: You can skip that.
Patricia: Here you go.
Receptionist: Thank you. You have been arranged to see the doctor at 1 p.m.
Patricia: Okay. See you.
Reschedule an Appointment
Secretary: Office of Mr. Duvoy. How can I help you?
Jean: This is Jean Gabin from Shell company. I would like to change my appointment with Mr. Duvoy this afternoon.
Secretary: At what hour was it scheduled?
Jean: 1 pm during lunch. I was wondering if we can change it to a dinner. It could be today or tomorrow.
Secretary: Mr. Duvoy would be free to have an appointment during dinner tomorrow. Do you want me to make that appointment for you?
Jean: Great. Absolutely. Thank you for your help.
Secretary: Glad to help.
Reschedule an Appointment with Doctor
Receptionist: Good afternoon. How can I help you?
Sanchez: Afternoon. I have an appointment with dr. Rozark, but I would like to change it, because another matter arises suddenly.
Receptionist: What day is your appointment with dr. Rozark?
Sanchez: It is on Thursday 14:00 pm
Receptionist: Okay, I found your appointment, under the name of Gabriela Sanchez, right?
Sanchez: That’s right.
Receptionist: What day would you like to switch, and on what time?
Sanchez: Is he free on Monday at 15:00 pm?
Receptionist: Unfortunately not. But he is free on the same day at 16:00 pm. Would you like me to make you an appointment?
Sanchez: Okay that would be fine. Thank you.
Receptionist: You’re very welcome.