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Percakapan Inggris: Tersesat dan Menanyakan Arah Jalan

Apakah kamu pernah tersesat di jalan? Google Maps pun tidak membantu karena sinyal lemah? Berada di jalan yang benar-benar asing? Maka penyelamat satu-satunya adalah dengan bertanya arah jalan kepada orang sekitar.

Hal ini lazim terjadi saat seseorang berada di jalan yang tidak biasa dia datangi, ditambah lagi tidak ada orang yang bisa mendampingi saat menyetir kendaraan.

Tidak hanya di jalan, menanyakan arah juga bisa terjadi di manapun dan kapanpun saat seseorang merasa asing dengan lingkungan yang sedang didatanginya.

Lalu bagaimana contoh percakapan saat menanyakan arah jalan atau asking direction? Artikel kali ini akan mengulasnya secara menyeluruh.

Beberapa contoh percakapan akan sangat detil karena bertujuan untuk mengetahui jalur mana yang perlu ditempuh. Simak contoh percakapan sehari-hari dalam Bahasa Inggris berikut ini yaa..

Contoh 1

A: “Excuse me. Could you tell me where the library is?”

B: “Yes, it’s that way. You go three blocks to Washington Street, then turn right. It is on the corner, across from the bank.”

A: “Thanks! I’ve only been in town a few days, so I really don’t know my way around yet.”

B: “Oh, I know how you feel. We moved here a year ago, and I still don’t know where everything is!”

Contoh 2

A: “Excuse me, am sorry to trouble you, but could you tell me how I can get to the train station?”

B: “Yes no problem, it’s that way. Keeping walking straight ahead, then after you pass the library, you have to turn left. Then take your first right and it’s across from the bus station. You cannot miss it!”

A: “Thank you so much! I have only been in Manchester for 2 days, so I don’t know how to get anywhere yet.”

B: “Oh, I know that feeling. Me and my husband moved here 6 months ago, and I still don’t know how to find certain places! Manchester is so big.”

A: “So just to double check. Keep walking straight ahead until I pass the library. Then I have to turn left and take the first right. Then it’s across the bus station. Is that correct?

B: “Yes, that’s correct.”

A: “Well thanks for helping me. I must go and catch my train, hopefully I haven’t miss it!”

B: “Ok, bye.”

Contoh 3

A: “Excuse me. Can you tell me the way to the bank?”

B: “Yes, sure. Turn left at the end of this street.”

A: “At the traffic light?”

B: “Yes. Then go as far as the roundabout.”

A: “And at the roundabout?”

B: “Turn right at the roundabout into Dee Road.”

A: “Ok, right at the roundabout.”

B: “Go down Dee Road. The bank is on the left.”

A: “Thank you.”

B: “Goodbye.”

Contoh 4

A: “Linda, do you know how to get to Samson’s and Co.? I’ve never been there before.”

B: “Are you driving or taking the subway?”

A: “The subway.”

B: “Take the blue line from 14th avenue and change to the grey line at Andrew Square. Get off at 83rd street.”

A: “Yes, thanks. Now, once I get to Andrew Square, how do I proceed?”

B: “Once you are on 83rd street, go straight on, past the bank. Take the second left and continute straight on. It’s opposite Jack’s Bar.”

A: “Thanks, Linda. How long does it take to get there?”

B: “It takes about a half-hour. When is your meeting?”

A: “It’s at ten. I will leave at nine-thirty.”

B: “That’s a busy time. You should leave at nine.”

A: “Ok, thanks Linda.”

B: “Not at all.”

Contoh 5 (Lewat Telepon)

A: “I have a question. Do you have a moment?”

B: “Certainly. How can I help you?”

A: “I’m driving to the conference center later today. Could you give me directions?”

B: “Sure. Are you leaving from home?

A: “Yes.”

B: “Ok. Take a left onto Bethany Street and drive to the freeway entrance. Take the freeway toward Portland.”

A: “How far is it to the conference center from my home?”

B: “It is about 20 miles. Continue on the freeway to exit 23. Take the exit and turn right onto Broadway at the stop light. Continue for about 2 miles and turn left onto 16th avenue.”

A: “Ok.”

B: “On 16th avenue, take the second right into the conference center.”

A: “Oh, that is easy.”

B: “Yes, it’s very easy to get to.”

A: “How long does it take to get there?”

B: “If there’s no traffic, about 25 minutes. In heavy traffic, it takes about 45 minutes.”

A: “I’m leaving at ten in the morning, so the traffic shouldn’t be so bad.”

B: “Yes, that’s right. Can I help you with anything else?”

A: “No that’s it. Thanks for your help.”

B: “Ok. Enjoy the conference.”

A: “Thanks. Bye.”

B: “Bye.”